Transformer monitor and voltage regulator


The REG-D™ voltage regulator allows both very simple and highly complex measurement, control and regulation tasks for tapped transformers. The REG-D™ can also be used as a transformer monitor as per IEC 60354 or IEC 60076, as a transducer, recorder, statistical unit and ParaGramer.

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Unique Flexibility

Through our many years of experience in the industry, we know that every customer and every project has specific requirements. Accordingly, we have developed the transformer monitor REG-D™ in such a way that it can respond very flexibly to these requirements, which is unique in this form. For example, the REG-D™ offers a flexibly expandable number of inputs and outputs, a wide range of applications through software features, and free programmability.


19″ plug technology as a tried-and-tested model

The design of the transformer monitor REG-D™ allows the installation in 19″ subracks, wall-mounted and panel-mounted housings. Easy and simple replacement of the devices, customized housings as well as wiring are made possible by the 19” plug-in technology of the REG-D™. In addition, the configuration possibilities are inexhaustible, together with other products from A. Eberle, but also with devices from other manufacturers.

The right control protocol for every application

The communication interfaces of the transformer monitor REGSys™ have the possibility of role-based user administration (RBAC) incl. authentication via RADIUS.
REGSys™ can communicate with a central control system via various protocols.
The following protocols are available:

  • IEC 60870-5-101/103/104
  • IEC 61850 (Server, Client, GOOSE, 9-2 Sampled values)
  • DNP 3.0 via Ethernet
  • DNP 3.0
  • Profibus DP
  • LON (on request)

All necessary functions in a single device

The functional scope of our transformer monitor is unique. The control of 3-winding transformers, of phase-shifting transformers, of transformer banks and of compensation reactors as well as transformer monitoring is all possible with only one device and one firmware.

Parallel operation with up to 15 transformers

The REG-D™ allows parallel operation of up to 15 transformers. The parallel program Master-Follower as well as various programs for circuit reactive current minimization (with and without communication between the controllers) are available. The ParaGramer serves as an aid for the automatic recognition of parallel circuits and for the visualization of the switching states. The ParaGramer maps the switching situation of the individual transformers in single-phase representation and enables automatic detection of parallel operation by evaluating the switch positions.


The perfect supplement to the REG-D

The AEToolbox works on a project basis and impresses with its range of functions and the versatility that the program offers. Using the software, the parameters of connected products can be adjusted and administered and the continuously recorded data (logbook entries and recorder data) downloaded, visualised and saved.

Auxiliary components

Accessories for our voltage regulators

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