Position Indicator Interface


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Use of the interface component

The position indicator interface REG-SK1 converts the tap position from a contact bank of the tapped transformer into a BCD signal.

Installation near a contact bank reduces the number of connection cables to the voltage regulator system from 29 to 7. An external supply voltage is connected to the middle contact of the contact bank. Switching contacts transfer the signal to the REG-SK1, which is then converted by the diode matrix into BCD code. The outputs of the tap position interface can be connected directly to the BCD inputs of the voltage regulator REG-D/DA or any other device. All inputs are connected to suitable components to prevent faults.

  • 29 switching positions are converted into BCD code
  • Control cables with a low number of cores can be used
  • The cables between the REG-SK1 and REGSys™ voltage regulator can be up to 100 m in length
  • Wide external auxiliary voltage range
  • With suitable adapters for DIN-rail mounting (TS35) and G-rail mounting (TS32)

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