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Network analysis according to EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-2, -2-4, -2-12

We support you with our expertise and our well-equipped device lending pool including all necessary measurement accessories. After the network analysis, we will develop a solution with you based on the measurement data and evaluation.

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Discover the causes of grid problems quickly and in a targeted way

With our innovative products and methods, we are able to identify and locate the causes of network faults quickly and easily. Whether in low, medium or high-voltage networks – we will find what is wrong. Quality of supply is playing an ever greater role today, now that the energy transition is under way. Accordingly, it is not only important to eliminate faults as quickly as possible, but also to work preventively against potentially costly damages and production breakdowns.

Our experts’ extensive experience in the sector

Our specialised team of experts has over 25 years of experience in the sector. During this time, they have built up a wealth of experience. In keeping with this, our experts have been certified as “Power Quality Experts” (VDE). This means they know the forces in play and how to overcome the difficulties our customers are in. Training is a top priority with us. Our experts not only build on their own know-how, but also cooperate on research projects with universities, generating new knowledge.

Use of our high-grade Power Quality Analyzers

Even the greatest expert cannot achieve the desired result without the right tools. Consequently, as a market leader for mobile power quality devices, we work exclusively with modern, innovative analyzers that are equipped for every application. Our devices are certified to Class A, the highest measurement standard. This means they are fully equipped to deliver the extensive, detailed measurement data needed for a well-founded analysis.

Problem-focused assessment for every application

In many fields of life, we are becoming ever more dependent on high-quality power supplies. That is why the following applies to our services: no matter whether in industrial environments or for energy suppliers – through the right combination of expert knowledge and measurement devices, we can create a solution to fit any problem. Our experts are also happy to take on the role of independent consultant for the implementation of such solutions.

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