Take-back & Recycling

Take-back & Recycling

To minimize our environmental footprint, we place great emphasis on recycling used equipment, spent batteries and packaging materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Old devices

Directive 2012/19/EU, better known as the WEEE2 Directive, deals with the return and recycling of waste electronic and electrical equipment in order to recover valuable raw materials. This concerns all A. Eberle products marked with the depicted symbol of a waste garbage can.

Our WEEE registration number is: DE 37396879

Please also observe the following instructions for old devices:

Take-back concept for old equipment B2B

Used batteries

Old batteries often contain substances that can be hazardous to the environment and health. For this reason, it is forbidden to dispose of them in normal household waste. By collecting them separately, valuable raw materials can be recovered.

Therefore, please return used batteries or rechargeable batteries only to the return points set up for this purpose, such as the REBAT collection boxes. For lithium batteries that have already been used, it is advisable to tape off the terminals to avoid short circuits.

Product and transport packaging

To ensure the return and recycling of used packaging material, we work together with the recycling partner Interzero Circular Solutions Germany GmbH.

The sales packaging of our products is duly licensed with the Dual System of Interzero Circular Solutions Germany GmbH. They can be recycled through the regular recycling channel, such as the “blue garbage can” or the “yellow bag”.

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